Learn C / C ++ programming at Stanford – teach practical experience
The C / C ++ programming language is one of the most popular and popular OOP languages today due to its flexibility and versatility. Not only are applications written in C / C ++ but also large system programs written mostly on C / C ++.

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C ++ is an OOP language developed on the basis of C that not only fixes some disadvantages of C, but more importantly, C ++ provides users with a technical programming medium. New: object oriented programming. This is a programming technique used mostly in today’s strong languages, especially languages that operate in Windows environments such as Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, Visual Foxpro …

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C / C ++ is the programming language used to write to other programming languages. Where maximum speed is required, there must be C / C ++. Node.js is written in C / C ++. The top 3D games must be written in C / C ++ (Unreal 3D, Cocos2D-X). Unity3D, although coded in C # programming, is itself written in C ++. Chrome, Safari, FireFox, popular open source software like MySQL, Postgresql, Torrent, Unikey, VLCPlayer must be written in C / C ++ to cross platform and optimize the speed of execution. Comparing the speed of execution between Java with C ++ or C # with C ++ shows that C / C ++ is always king speed. According to the TiMET Index in March 2015, C ranked at number 1 and C + + ranked No. 4 in demand in the world.
In the world, many C / C ++ programming languages are also introduced in most universities and colleges to replace some old programming languages such as Fortran, Pascal …