[ Sunday 5/14/17 ]

I self-perception, attach myself a Marx as “Programmer”.
Like the daily life of my family in the countryside, today we teach very early, even though I know yesterday I stayed up until 2am to program, that is exactly my fault. “The Earth is always spinning around its axis to ignore everything that happens on its surface.”

I walked down the bed with a sluggish mood, dim limbs, shaggy hair, … This morning I even forgot to brush my teeth and wash my face (often I think this is the thought of the majority of tech people to optimize the time). And my parents think otherwise. “You really are very lazy so do not take personal hygiene.” It is a waste of time to spend 2-3 hours cleaning every human being except what is really needed, I want to reduce the time for things that are not really needed – to me it is called “downtime”.

My parents are wonderful fathers. Today is Mother’s Day 4/15. I want to wish good health to my mother and I promise to do all that to fulfill my mother’s dream – build a new home spacious. My father was out in the field early in the morning (4:30 AM) and my mother went to the flower market that my dad took care of to get.

A new day for my parents – honest farmers, starting from the early morning light, 3-4AM, and the life of a person like me is starting from half an hour, 8-9AM. Is this really the right way to live, is this really the way that I want to take a start when people are prepared to finish, is this really the way I think health and quality Life is improved, is this the way of life of me?

“Let’s eat breakfast,” my father’s familiar voice said
As big as this is still the parents have to cook breakfast for. “Wide Shoulder Man” has not done anything but entertaining parents, sometimes I think “I want to be independent from my own hands and make the values ​​of this society. , To help the country grow like your country “but that is too far away, too likely for a humble man like me? This question only God knows and most people in my country have the same answer is “Can not”!

“You were born in this life only once, so use life for it makes sense, because if you do not bring meaning to your life, no one can intervene for you! ” Two months ago my mind always thought of stopping on the road to college to build my own life, I was about to ask her mother but always being scolded and not accept it. “Why are not there billionaires in the world who do not need a college degree?” “Because they are so intelligent to ordinary people like me, that’s really not true. Can. !! ” I wonder what choice is the right direction for my life, even though I know that I have to go through to determine what is the right path.

Above is the thought in my head recently, I feel like I am under mild stress. The more I think about it, the better.
“Thoughts will still be a thought if you do not embark on them.” – A few days ago, I was sitting in the lecture hall, I wrote: Go to school in the village, the events take place on the campus = > Move to school => moving to secondary school, having friends, experiencing anxiety fear => afraid of teachers, scared of friends laughing, afraid of stumbling, tried and achieved top students Class, to take exams good students => up to level 3, begin to learn neglect array, afraid teachers to follow the learning hurts => hard work, only sleep 4 hours / day => hardworking But did not achieve good results in the college entrance examination. 2014 began to enter the Hanoi University of Technology with pride => During the school always has a dream of change, do not want life as a mold that society has pre-generations to generation Children in the 3rd year of college may be the turning point of my life, and by the end of year 3, I decided to reserve the results to build my own dream. Body, family, society => 1 year and a half to make all kinds of ways to make a living, build a career, dream of creating G-commerce, G-coffe, G-DEV, etc => Continue to build a dream => 1.5 years to develop G-company, G-OS, become billionaire $ 25 years old “- The above is all I thought and written on Paper at undergraduate courses Linearized by Mr. Nguyen Quang Thuy at D9-105 Hanoi University of Technology.

The idea that I call it is “Perhap Thought” – perhaps right and also wrong. But getting away from the distant thoughts, going back to my present life, I try to endure my morning to learn programming as well as learn English, which is necessary for my dream later. My mother 7:30 always had to go to the store, which we sell is a pesticide, a very toxic chemical. My dad went to the field, planted it, I – the 22-year-old has no social experience other than the start to learn what he likes and think new ideas for society. Writing these lines, my mind suddenly appeared thought “Have you ever helped the family yet to worry about society anymore? ” I do not know how to answer the question to be satisfactory but the only thing I can say is “I’m trying”. “What are you trying to do, what do you do for your family or society or for whom? “…. (Left open)

I have a brother who is living with me outside of Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam. My brother is studying information technology of Aptech, I am studying in Applied Mathematics and Informatics. The two brothers have a common interest in the discipline should hope that later will be able to jointly develop careers in the field of information technology. I am beyond learning about programming, most of my time is spent in English, I want to have an IELTS English certificate, and have the opportunity to go abroad to admire as well as study civilization abroad .
The life of 2 ae I have nothing to change as I wake up everyday at 7am, eat breakfast and go to school, every day, things are repeated and feel like there is no end . One day I feel like I’m just living the life of another, the mold of society. In that mold, the defective product is when it wants to break the framework to create a new shape. The faulty products are now laughed at, denigrated and alienated. Until the “defective products” demonstrate their ability, it seems that contemptuous attitude turns to respect.

“Why,” why do people always discriminate thoughts and ideas different from society that their main purpose is still for money. Parents and the majority of society always have the mold is: Born -> Study, study again, study forever -> earn a degree to confirm yourself -> apply for high salary -> retirement, retirement -> death

As mentioned above, I say that each person is born with only one chance, why take the opportunity to live in the lives of others. It can be from the same mold that will help you get money, get beautiful wife, get material things frivolous, but also this mold will kill your life, always follow the mold and from The thought of society will make people dependent and imposing “barbaric”.

I feel that I am a thoughtful person who wants to do great things and does not want to be in vain. It is ridiculous that while I eloquently make up my own arguments, some of my heart is scared. Fear here is not afraid to fail, afraid of people laughing, .. but afraid here is afraid to make my parents sad. They always wanted me to have a college degree to follow the mold of the society I mentioned.

“Before accepting the three words I made, you learn to accept two words.” – Maybe here is probably lost loved ones, Maybe lost friends, Maybe will be. Separated from society. If you have the courage to accept them, then this is the moment you break through and make yourself a “Perhap mold” then. And today I still have not made the decision to drop out of college.



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