Why CDN technology is extremely developed in the world and is applied in most websites? What is a CDN? What can it do for the business?

I. What is CDN

CDN ( content delivery network ) is global system of severs that is responsible for backing up static content inside a website , and then distributes it to servers of different geographic locations , this is called PoP , and users visiting the site will access the PoP closest to you .

Image result for cdnII. The difference of website does not use CDN ?

Ex : Users in Alabama visit the website with server located in Michigan .

  • Website not using CDN : Request for access will sent to the server in Michigan , users will wait about 1 second ( stable network speed ) to access the content they desire . If the network speed is not stable , or there are too many users visiting same time , the server will take longer than usual to speed to respond to the user .
  • Website using CDN : The request will be sent to the PoP near the user , this will be sent to PoP in Alabama . Regardless of the network speed , the number of visitors , the users can still access the website faster than non-CDN website .

III. What is the benefit of CDN ?

What can be the CDN ultimately bring about the effect to your website ?

  • Delivering content quickly to users : If PoP system stretching in many places , the speed of transferring content to people will also be fast .
  • Cost savings: Compared to other services such as Host, VPS, Server, you have to continuously add bandwidth packets or rent more VPS, Server, then for CDN, you can estimate traffic As well as the increase in bandwidth is not expensive.
  • Accelerate web site access: Because CDN will consist of many PoPs spanning the globe (depending on provider), when you are in the USA to access any website that the original server is located in Afraid of traffic congestion.
  • Capacity saving: For providers with push CDN functionality, storage capacity will be uploaded to PoP. However, if you are concerned about potential problems with PoP, then you should store the data at the origin server.
  • Reduce native server bandwidth : With the ability to automatically copy data from the origin server , when the users access the website ,  data is retrieved from the PoP of the CDN system , so the root server does not need to be processed any more . 

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